Dance Daze® New Teacher Toolkit by Saumirah McWoodson

Dance Daze® New Teacher Toolkit

This completely FREE bundle is designed for dance educators who are preparing to teach their first class or start their own business! Be ready with first-class checklists, Dance Daze® Creative Movement Playlists, behavior management tips, and more for your dance classroom. This is a great resource for new dance teachers, dance studio owners, and dance entrepreneurs.

What's included:

  • What to Teach Cheat Sheet
  • First Class Checklist
  • First Class Business Stuff Checklist
  • Perfect Playlist Formula
  • Perfect Lesson Plan Formula
  • 4 Dance Daze® Creative Movement Playlists
  • 10 Behavior Management Tips for the Dance Classroom - audio clips
  • How to Use Studio Time (When You Have No Students)