Hi! I'm Saumirah.

I'm a dance business startup consultant and an instructional coach for early career dance educators. I teach dance entrepreneurs how to start and grow a profitable dance business, and I teach new dance educators how to create engaging playlists, plan structured lessons, and manage student behavior in the dance classroom. I'm also a certified social media strategist, an ABT® Certified Teacher, a podcaster, a blogger, and the CEO of Dance Daze, Inc. and Dance Daze in Schools.

Dance Ed Startup Monthly Memberships

We currently have two monthly membership plans available:
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  2. Social Media Management
FUN CLUB Members get access to Dance Daze® class playlists, weekly Dance Daze® lesson plans, social media management videos, links to articles, book suggestions, and MORE throughout the month! Join in the fun today!

As a Social Media Management Member, you'll get one social media account fully managed, with data and analytics delivered to you at the end of each month!